Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pam Hogg AW11

One of the benefits of working in fashion?

The fact that I get to attend some of the best fashion shows at London Fashion Week!

However, I have to work them too – which makes it a little hard to enjoy the show….

Until Pam Hogg!

My heart literally skipped a beat when the music kicked in for her AW11 show at Mercer St Studios. Experimental rock with celtic tones..

The clothes - A mix of quintessential cat suits and wood effect dresses – and introducing tailoring (what? I hear you say!) as well as knitted jumpers.

Pam has gone commercial and I loved it!!

Stunning wearable pieces with a little taxidermy thrown in for good measure - maybe not so wearable after all!

See below some of my 'not so great' iphone pics - for a better representation of the amazing photography check out Alexander Jordan's blog - our amazing photographer for the show!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Tights tights and more tights

So its the New Year and I'm a doing a massive clear out – where do I start??

The tights draw – something I have avoided for several years due to my obsession with not throwing things away 'just in case'

So what delights awaited me???

An obscene number of neon coloured tights, polkadot glittery numbers and so on??

What was I thinking??

Amongst all the mess I found a delightful pair of Maxmara grey woolen leggings – these will be spot on for the on coming January weather (which i'm assuming with be as depressing as ever)

All the rest have been binned, I don't think I can ebay them (well can I?)

So for the New Year I am favouring more of the black and woolen, oh and some jazzy suspender tights I picked up from Topshop – slutty chic I like to think!

Happy New Year!