Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pam Hogg AW11

One of the benefits of working in fashion?

The fact that I get to attend some of the best fashion shows at London Fashion Week!

However, I have to work them too – which makes it a little hard to enjoy the show….

Until Pam Hogg!

My heart literally skipped a beat when the music kicked in for her AW11 show at Mercer St Studios. Experimental rock with celtic tones..

The clothes - A mix of quintessential cat suits and wood effect dresses – and introducing tailoring (what? I hear you say!) as well as knitted jumpers.

Pam has gone commercial and I loved it!!

Stunning wearable pieces with a little taxidermy thrown in for good measure - maybe not so wearable after all!

See below some of my 'not so great' iphone pics - for a better representation of the amazing photography check out Alexander Jordan's blog - our amazing photographer for the show!