Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Grazing Goat

Much to my joy I get to frequent plenty of places for breakfast due to my job. But me being a bit spoilt, I'm a bit bored of the standard places such as The Riding House Cafe, Wolsey and so on...

So I had brekky with Jess from Star mag - check out her blog here Fashion Down the Rabbit Hole - at The Grazing Goat. http://www.thegrazinggoat.co.uk/ A wonderful surprise of a spot in Marble Arch.

Down a side street just behind Oxford Street is Old Quebec Street - you feel as though you are entering Notting Hill. Quiet and a world away from the tourists, noise and traffic.

(excuse the pic from the website, unfortunately my morning caffeine hadn't kicked in so I forgot to take pics)

When we arrived a very quaint breakfast room awaited, with only one other couple in it, so quick service you would hope. Alas not so much, this is probably what let the place down. Our drinks order were forgotten, we didn't order for 15 minutes and everyone just seemed a little dazed.

However, the food, once arrived, was great. I settled for scrambled egg and smoked salmon with soda bread. A large serving and good value for money - as a whole I would go back, but probably for a quiet drink or evening meal to get away from central London for a few hours.

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