Monday, 13 December 2010

chavvy chic

so its been a turbulent few weeks - well in fact a turbulent 2010

i have had more up and downs than a jeremy kyle show - and i wish to no longer associate myself with jeremy! sorry i know you helped during my unemployment days, but a girl has to give up a habit

One chavvy habit i can't seem to let go is fake nails - a guilty pleasure of mine and it seems the faker the better these days. 3d nails are the new must have!

even that child that i cannot bear - yes willow smith - was rocking them in this weeks Style

see a selection of my faves!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I die - in the words of Rachel Zoe!

These cocktails rings are making me swoon - i need them now - but how can i afford??? As they're only H&M !

Hot foot it down there now!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Soo its been a bit too long - post London Fashion Week i went off on holiday and forgot to update this lovely page - and then kept meaning to update - and then didn't get round to it!

Excuses over!


Wow what a crazy mismash of craziness

Working Pam Hogg, Adam Entwisle and the famous PPQ it was a crazy week at work - here's an update in pictures!

A hog roast / copious amounts of caffeine / dogs / crazy hair / copious amounts of caffeine

Fashion Week done!

As for SS11 trends, i'll get round to that next!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

new shoes!

I wish!!

Just a quick change of the blog logo to reveal these Burberry beauties - how much? A mere £695 - best get saving methinks!!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Holidays here I come!

So I’m off on holiday! It may only be for 3 days but I’m planning to rock the beach and bar with some of my new finds! tends to be my first port of call – mainly as its bargainalicious and with this whole working in fashion malarkey you need to be stringent with the old pennies.

So I’ve found this amaze jumpsuit! Only £40 – and go with some beautiful tan wedges that are currently £22.50 as they are in the sale!


Now since I feel like a total tight-wad I’ve invested in a key piece of jewellery from Kenneth Jay Lane. This beautiful gold pendant will last me a lifetime and can be worn through Summer to the Autumnal months. Available at net-a-porter!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

who likes new shoes??? me!!

With impending London Fashion Week - panic sets in!

A whole new wardrobe consisting of black is needed (You see I work in the wonderous world of PR where you must 'blend in' at fashion shows - as not to show up all the other fashionistas out there!)

So where to start? New shoes thank you very much! However, LFW consists of standing/running around like a lunatic for hours on end. How will I ever find shoes that are chic and yet practical??

Here's the best bit - some lovely beauties from Ash.

A mere £55 reduced from £150 - thanks to the wonderful

Not only will the wedge make the hours of standing bearable, but they will also go wonderfully with my new Hareem pants!

This has been a gooood shopping month! :-)

Monday, 9 August 2010

i'm loving this monday.....

I love Ellie Goulding - ALOT

I love her more for wearing these awesome necklaces from Me and Zena

Another bit of jewellery to add to my ridiculous collection!!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The high street hunt for the perfect hareem pant!

So I'm having a dilemma, as much as I don't want to admit it, the hareem pant is not going away. As much as the MC Hammer look has filled me with dread for many years – I have now learnt I must embrace this nappy sack trouser!

Unfortunately I am not blessed with Elle McPherson legs and peachy svelte bum – am the opposite, a pear shape, with 'child bearing' hips! So the thought of making my bum look even bigger is not so appealing.

So in a bid to get the perfect pair of hareems, I headed to Topshop (the meccah of the high street, or so I thought!) Faced with a selection of not so flattering cotton based hareems (you need a jersey for sure in this instance!!) clinging to all my lumps and bumps – not a fan!

So thinking, budget – New Look called me. Well budget it definitely was, a jumpsuit with a removable floral broach, 'oh no!' I hear you cry. I left New Look rapidly.

So I turned to River Island – the chav turned chic store in my opinion.
I remember the days when River Island was emblazoned on every item of clothing, as though you're proud to say 'look my bag is from River Island, the oh so exclusive shop!' Yeah, not so much!

But it has moved on – with copious amounts of trend led pieces, lace blazers, billowy blouses, military jackets – and of course Hareem pants!

So I turned my eye to several pairs.

Following the print trend, I love these animal print trousers, at £34.99 a pop not so bad!

However I settled for these more muted ones - they have a 70s vibe with a bit of sparkle incorporated. I'm channeling Saturday Night Fever in these bad boys - plus they cinch in the waist just right, giving the body more shape which is lost in the bottom area!

So hurrah! I have some hareems - now just gotta the boy in my life to start liking them!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


This summer prints seem to have gone into overdrive - maxis, trousers and dresses come in an array of colours and style - and every form of print from aztec to animal print is gracing the shop floors.

A few of my faves

Peter Pilotto's prints are to die for - as is the price tag, a mere £795.... maybe i should continue with the high street!

I can't get enough of summer maxis, even though i seem to own them in every size, shape and colour! Topshop's maxi scream summer garden party and costs a mere £35 - bring on the Pimms.

Love a bit of culotte action, even if it does remind me of the Brownies! L.O.V.E these ones from asos! and only £25!! Officially amaze!

Best Behaviour - This Danish brand has got some great, eccentric pieces! These trousers being my fave -

So I cannot wait to rock a few of these looks, I already have my snakeprint hareem pants - but its defo time for some skull prints, a bit of floral and of course the trusted leopard print to finish off my summer wardrobe!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

here's how to do it!

Now here’s how to do the American flag. Marina from Marina and the Diamonds is certainly favouring a bit of red, white and blue. Her take on the American look works perfectly as she never takes herself too seriously – with sequins and all! How can you go wrong – I may not be loving her tunage, but I love the style Marina!

how not to wear your stars and stripes

sooo if i look like this at 60 i'll be worried

Linda Hogan getting it all wrong

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Jewellery and make up - combined!??!

So long time no blog – I know I know

Bad that I'm not obsessing over the page like I should be, but I've been busy with a brand new job in the old PR world.

But something made me remember this wonderful page - a little gift in the post (it was my birthday on Monday so I'm considering it a gift!) A Lipstick ring – sounds like a horrible concept and something you might have got free with Sugar magazine many years back. But this little ring from Arbonne is simply amaze!!

This chunky ring with pearl detail is something I will most definitely be wearing out on the town. With a handy mirror and rose coloured lipstick enclosed it is officially my new favourite thing!

For more details visit

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Highs and Lows of this years Met Ball

Every year its an excuse for die hard fashion fans to show off their best wears under the scrutinous eye of Anna Wintour.

So why oh why did Katy Perry dress like a Barbie circa 1987? (spot the difference below)

Alexa Chung, looks more vampire/bull fighter – but then again, when was the last time Alexa actually pulled off a look. All I can ever think when looking at her is 'eat a frickin sandwich!'

Ok, so i'm in a bad mood, hence the insults, but finally this ghastly look is just wrong in so many ways. Kristin Stewart is wearing a beaded curtain around her waist!? What has happened to the elegance of a simply cut ball gown?

So who got it right?

Blake Lively – wow wow wow. She is stunning Marchesa, and manages to look classy even though it is a slutty hemline. Shame about the shoes (yes I couldn't be that nice!)

Emma Watson – She has come along way from the old HP years. Elegant Burberry dress, check. Ever so trendy designer on arm, check. Succeeded in making me very jealous, check.

Kate Hudson – Sunkissed tan and a killer leg on show, Kate shines in this Stella McCartney number.

Overall, I'm not so impressed with the selection by the celebs.
I mean come on Mary J – did you pop into Debenhams on your way to the ball?

Monday, 19 April 2010

faking it...

Temporary tattoos are set to be the must have accessory for summer 2010, thanks to the release of Chanel’s ultra stylish temporary tattoo collection.

These temporary tattoos already have a wide celebrity fan base including Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe and Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP was spotted wearing a Chanel tattoo as an accessory to her Oscar outfit.

If you want to follow the tattoo trend this summer but can’t wait for the Chanel waiting list to go down or you can’t afford the £49 price tag of the set, have the answer.

Inkwear provides fashionable temporary tattoo jewellery in a vibrant range of colours, designs and sizes.

You may feel like your 13 again wearing these, but i personally think they're great for a night out - or if you're just a little too scared of a needle.

The transfers range in price from £2 to £3 for individual tattoos and from £6.99 for sets with an average of 8 tattoos per set.Buying and wearing Inkwear couldn’t be easier. Orders are taken online with the choice of over 500 designs.

Visit to see the latest designs.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Festival finds

Is it too early to thinking about jazzy outfits for the festival season? Probably - but i don't seem to care!!

Bring on wellies, not washing and general lack of social decorum.

As for the clothes - even better - every girl at a festival seems to be rocking a look, even if you are just standing in a field covered in mud and other varieties of beer and cider.

Now as much as i hate to admit, there is one celeb who manages to get festival dressing right - the not so lovely Sarah Harding - i'm loving her effortlessly cool look here.

Get the t-shirt from any Topshop, lets be honest its quite generic.

Or be a little different and get this great cropped number from Brat and Suzie - only £22
Available online at or in selected boutiques nationwide

Rock a pair of levi vintage denim shorts, and throw on some limited edition hunters (£145 from to finish it off!

I on the other hand am praying for non welly wearing summer!

Let the fun commence!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

As the weather begins to warm up, a new fashion mood is blossoming at H&M.
This spring H&M has a women’s collection of floral and feminine fashion in sustainable materials, called The Garden Collection by H&M.

Pieces from the collection are in stores now and the entire collection will be available by the 25th March.

I love the floral sheer blouse, teamed with these fab cream shorts. It just makes me want to dress for summer, but I’m not going to be some crazy person dressed in flip flops just yet! What is it with Brits and the summer weather!? I saw someone wearing flip flops in the rain yesterday?

Anyway, I digress. My fave piece from the collection is this elegant red dress – which screams glamour and sophistication. Guess it won’t sit so well on me then!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

ebay ebay ebay

I've decided to sell on ebay - its been a long time coming. This is mainly due to the fact that my wardrobe is lying sprawled across the bedroom floor.

My favourite item - this floral 50s number. Sad to let it go.. but out with the old and in with the new I say!

Check out the rest of my goodies at -

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

So its 2010 and women continue to be the talking point of the headlines, whether it be Cheryl Cole rise and Ashley Cole’s fall – or Michelle Obama’s amazing support of Barack Obama’s rise to presidencency.

From (L-R) Rosamund Urwin, Sheridan Smith, Jessica Huie, Claire Watt-Smith and Jane Burston.

So its 2010 and women continue to be the talking point of the headlines, whether it be Cheryl Cole rise and Ashley Cole’s fall – or Michelle Obama’s amazing support of Barack Obama’s rise to presidencency.

Now Red magazine has revealed the 20 most influential women who will be setting to shape our futures. Rising stars from industries across theatre, politics, media, business, the environment, food, technology, fashion, the voluntary sector and social enterprise have been selected.

These include, Chloe Smith , the youngest MP in the House of Commons and the Tories’ secret weapon’, Gemma Tuley, Susie Bubble from, and actress Sheridan Smith (28), the star of West End. Their achievements to date have been remarkable, with one woman awarded an MBE and all of them paving the way for other young aspiring female professionals.

According to Sam Baker, “These women are an inspiration to us all,” with leading figures across the industry speaking out to agree with this accolade.

However my favourite choice is the wonderful Louise Goldin, described as ‘Fashion Power House’. Her edgy and yet girly designs have brought her to the forefront of British designers, really outshining the others and my most favourite thing – that she has brought out a range of shoes for Topshop. (shoes pictured £110 Affordable chic!

What’s not to love!

For more details on these inspirational woman pick up April’s issue of Red Magazine.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Stylish Mums!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a little round up of the most fashionable mother’s out there.

Elle Macpherson tends to rock a look just dropping off her kids to school – effortless chic – so cool its painful to watch.
Gwen Stefani is another mother who refuses to let herself go – always with the trade mark red lippy and blonde quiff. And now she has Kingston looking enviably cool – who would have thought I would aspire to look like a 3 year old (well maybe not with those sunglasses, but still!)
But who would have thought it – Tish Cyrus, mother to the annoyingly successful’s Miley Cyrus, knows how to pull out all the stops. She looks truly stunning in this elegant gown.
All I can say is I hope I don’t leave style behind when I pop a sprog or two!

Happy Mother’s Day!!