Thursday, 23 February 2012


Another strong contender at London Fashion Week was Negarin, London's newest international designer who has just debuted on the catwalk schedule in New York, Paris and London.

Kicking off LFW's Friday's fun Negarin showcased a film collaboration with world renowned video director H1 on London’s digital schedule.

Recognition by the US and British Fashion Councils and H1 is a huge coupe for a hot new designer; the result is a whirlwind tour of fashion’s most influential capitals.

Whilst the film showcased the lead up to the label's NYFW debut, the collection was displayed around the space.

The film itself was an exciting project for Negarin as it was expertly created by H1 who is has previously worked on numerous well-received videos projects for Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Coldplay, Chris Brown and Mary J Blige.

The whole event was hosted by one of my favourites - top London blogger and stylist Marian Kihogo and she rocked a fab Negarin printed coat - as ever looking fab!

Inspired by world travel, Negarin's designs remind you of the exotic places you've explored and loved, and AW12 is no exception with confident prints inspired by the northern lights combined with Middle Eastern colours. The collection incorporates Negarin’s signature style with an intense colour palette for luxurious sophistication.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


PPQ's new collection for Autumn Winter has had rave reviews this fashion week, and you can see why.

A selection of evening dresses much more mature than previous seasons, hooded coats and embellished tights courtesy of Beberoque.

Bikes, provided by Rule for a special PPQ collaboration, also were featured on the catwalk and sent Twitterati crazy. Wonderful dalmation prints and olive greens sat amongst dark luxe fabrics.

An massive departure from the previous seasons pastels and logo emblazoned prints. PPQ has matured and we like it!

Celebs in attendance included the likes of Caroline Flack, Pixie Lott and Portia Freeman to name a few and Peaches Geldof managed to make an appearance. Even though she missed the show she still looked glowing and elegant in a PPQ number.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Anti-Valentines Day

The amazing Cakey Muto in Hackney has released the best cakes ever... and I don't care if it makes me seem like a bitter singleton!

Check them out here
Did I miss something in regards to the Elle 'Style' Awards?

Seems everyone left there style at home...

There was only one clear winner

Pixie and Henry look HAWT

London Fashion Week Diet

So we all think that we should follow the strictly lettuce, no carbs, maple syrup, no beige diet for LFW - alas not

Due to late nights and pure exhaustion and ability to care about what we look like or weigh this is what has come of my diet

So much for not 'eating till fashion week'

Thursday, 2 February 2012

101 things to do in London

So I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with some fabulous friends taking part in an epic challenge. Time Out's 101 things to do in London before the Olympics!

My friend Ben has decided to do ALL 101 and blogs about his adventures - check him out at Where that Ben Went and on Twitter - @BenWallace10

So we headed to Brick Lane for some vintage shopping - now this was a little bit of a cheat, since I've actually done it many a time - but still, any excuse!

Then we drank - Aftershock of all things.... discovered The Pride of Spitalfields too. New favourite old man's pub!

Check out Ben's wonderful site

Aftershock - obviously!?

Pride of Spitalfields - a pantry in a pub? heaven!

New boyfriend!?