Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fit is the new thin!

So I’ve decided that in the lead up to a big birthday, I am going to get FIT. Not just my usual measly 20 minute run every couple of weeks, more like actual ab work and weights and all of the sort.

I have also signed up for a 10k in September, so I need to build up my distance again. I injured myself last year and so had to pull out of the Paris Half Marathon last minute (I was actually devastated I couldn't run it) and I haven’t run regularly since.

So I’ve decided to start again, as in all over again – good old running 2 mins, walking 2 mins. It’s boring and frustrating (especially since my fitness has plummeted!) but I’m determined to get back into running at a healthy and lengthly pace.

The first step for me in terms of running, the tools.

One of the main reasons for my injury – the wrong trainers. Even though I knew I needed another pair I continued to use some god awful pair I got in a Sports Direct. Never again I say! So I went down to Nike to get my gait measured (Gait is basically the way you walk/run and land on your feet) and they determined which style of trainer I needed. This was a ‘Stability’ shoe as my ankle tends to rock in my shoes.

The trainers I bought? The very girly and pink (I kinda don’t care!) Nike LunarEclipse 4.  Now I’m no expert shoe reviewer, but these trainers are a godsend!  Lightweight, stable, supportive, airy, comfortable, stylish… I’ve run out of compliments, but as a whole, an amazing investment and well worth the £110 (yep they’re pricey)

Along with the trainers I got myself some amazing now workout wear but at an unexpected place – GAP!

The Gap Fit range is fashionable and affordable, which seems to a rarity these days with capri leggings (my Nike pair set me back at £60!) – but Gap’s range from £16.99 - £29.99. There work out tanks are great too, with built in support.

And so, with my trainers and work out gear, I’m ready to rock…. Or collapse on the gym floor!