Monday, 19 April 2010

faking it...

Temporary tattoos are set to be the must have accessory for summer 2010, thanks to the release of Chanel’s ultra stylish temporary tattoo collection.

These temporary tattoos already have a wide celebrity fan base including Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe and Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP was spotted wearing a Chanel tattoo as an accessory to her Oscar outfit.

If you want to follow the tattoo trend this summer but can’t wait for the Chanel waiting list to go down or you can’t afford the £49 price tag of the set, have the answer.

Inkwear provides fashionable temporary tattoo jewellery in a vibrant range of colours, designs and sizes.

You may feel like your 13 again wearing these, but i personally think they're great for a night out - or if you're just a little too scared of a needle.

The transfers range in price from £2 to £3 for individual tattoos and from £6.99 for sets with an average of 8 tattoos per set.Buying and wearing Inkwear couldn’t be easier. Orders are taken online with the choice of over 500 designs.

Visit to see the latest designs.

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  1. It's a look I'm definitely willing to try! Really love the faux bracelet/necklace designs, quite grungy but tres cool!