Sunday, 8 August 2010

The high street hunt for the perfect hareem pant!

So I'm having a dilemma, as much as I don't want to admit it, the hareem pant is not going away. As much as the MC Hammer look has filled me with dread for many years – I have now learnt I must embrace this nappy sack trouser!

Unfortunately I am not blessed with Elle McPherson legs and peachy svelte bum – am the opposite, a pear shape, with 'child bearing' hips! So the thought of making my bum look even bigger is not so appealing.

So in a bid to get the perfect pair of hareems, I headed to Topshop (the meccah of the high street, or so I thought!) Faced with a selection of not so flattering cotton based hareems (you need a jersey for sure in this instance!!) clinging to all my lumps and bumps – not a fan!

So thinking, budget – New Look called me. Well budget it definitely was, a jumpsuit with a removable floral broach, 'oh no!' I hear you cry. I left New Look rapidly.

So I turned to River Island – the chav turned chic store in my opinion.
I remember the days when River Island was emblazoned on every item of clothing, as though you're proud to say 'look my bag is from River Island, the oh so exclusive shop!' Yeah, not so much!

But it has moved on – with copious amounts of trend led pieces, lace blazers, billowy blouses, military jackets – and of course Hareem pants!

So I turned my eye to several pairs.

Following the print trend, I love these animal print trousers, at £34.99 a pop not so bad!

However I settled for these more muted ones - they have a 70s vibe with a bit of sparkle incorporated. I'm channeling Saturday Night Fever in these bad boys - plus they cinch in the waist just right, giving the body more shape which is lost in the bottom area!

So hurrah! I have some hareems - now just gotta the boy in my life to start liking them!


  1. Nice trousers....check out my blog

  2. glad you got some harems. i still want to get the perfect pair! love these.