Thursday, 12 August 2010

who likes new shoes??? me!!

With impending London Fashion Week - panic sets in!

A whole new wardrobe consisting of black is needed (You see I work in the wonderous world of PR where you must 'blend in' at fashion shows - as not to show up all the other fashionistas out there!)

So where to start? New shoes thank you very much! However, LFW consists of standing/running around like a lunatic for hours on end. How will I ever find shoes that are chic and yet practical??

Here's the best bit - some lovely beauties from Ash.

A mere £55 reduced from £150 - thanks to the wonderful

Not only will the wedge make the hours of standing bearable, but they will also go wonderfully with my new Hareem pants!

This has been a gooood shopping month! :-)