Thursday, 2 February 2012

101 things to do in London

So I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with some fabulous friends taking part in an epic challenge. Time Out's 101 things to do in London before the Olympics!

My friend Ben has decided to do ALL 101 and blogs about his adventures - check him out at Where that Ben Went and on Twitter - @BenWallace10

So we headed to Brick Lane for some vintage shopping - now this was a little bit of a cheat, since I've actually done it many a time - but still, any excuse!

Then we drank - Aftershock of all things.... discovered The Pride of Spitalfields too. New favourite old man's pub!

Check out Ben's wonderful site

Aftershock - obviously!?

Pride of Spitalfields - a pantry in a pub? heaven!

New boyfriend!?

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