Tuesday, 5 June 2012


So the lovely ladies at Freya asked me to review some of their products. 

However I am not very 'appropriate' target audience being that they cater for the larger busted lady. So, my lovely friend has done a guest blog for me - 

From an early age I always aspired to be blessed with a larger bust. I idolised the likes of Pamela and Kelly Brook and would parade about the garden with tennis balls pushed into my crop top.

However from my teens onwards this became more of a curse than a blessing. I would jealousyly accompany my friends whilst they picked out pretty delicate bra’s from Topshop. I on the other hand had to go for a more sturdy option which sole purpose was to lift and push into a cleavage. At the end of the day I’d be left with red roar marks on my shoulders and would have spent my day re-adjusting the underwired cups (Which isn’t the most attractive look). And there’s always the fear of the four boob effect.

Until now.. I recently received the Pixie bra by Freya. Firstly the bra itself is pretty and girly and has a definite personality which is rare to find in larger size. But I think the most noticeable change has been the fit. The bra’s silky graduated bra straps sit nicely on your shoulders and under the bust and I have been left free from red marks and has given me (in my opinion) a more pert bust. Winner!

The Pixie collection is available in sizes: 30-38” B-G cup £30 and the co-ordinates XS-XL - £12.50-£14.50.

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