Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tommy Guns

So I just had possibly the best haircut of my life. I'm one of those people, I avoid the hairdresser like the plague. That awkward chat about your weekend and what you do for a living, I hate it. Plus I hate having my long hair trimmed, I want it to long an lustrous ala Kim Kardashian (this will NEVER happen). However I decided enough was enough and I was lucky enough to get to try out the new Tommy Guns inside the Superdry store. The salon was like a mini oasis, cool and chilled out. 

Kim cut my hair and we had a great time, a little gossip and just a really nice experience. 

The Salon itself has amazing original features and you felt like you were transported back in time. 

Originally a barber shop designed & built by Percy Westwood and Joseph Emberton, opened in 1929 within the Austin Reed store and lovingly restored by Tommy Guns, the salon’s original features have been blended with modern twists to create an iconic salon cemented in British heritage. Travertine marble floors, walls of cream vitrolite and original 1930s barber chairs in gleaming chrome sit alongside the original barber shop cabinetry, under deco neon lights that serpentine across the ceiling.

Here's the results - I'm going back!

Visit http://www.tommyguns.com/ to book your cut!!!!

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