Thursday, 22 March 2012

Leopard print jeans

So we all crave having legs like Elle - lets not lie! And basically anyone that is able to pull off the latest trend, the leopard print jean. Current / Elliot range of jeans were a massive hit with celebs back in 2011. Seen on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Isla Fisher, they were in a subtle brown and grey shade - v desirable.

However I have gone against all warnings that you need legs like drainpipes to pull off these wonders.

I picked myself some mint green numbers from Primark yesterday at only £15 a pop! In your face SJP - yes I did just, sort of, insult SJ - but I can't help but be happy with my bargain.

I also eyed up these Urban Outfitters and New Look ones - but still very happy with my minty fresh look. Who needs subtlety eh!