Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lulu’s Time Bomb Day and Night Serums

Lately I have been feeling the effect of too much booze and general late nights and so hallelujah for this product. In their words 'Lulu’s Time Bomb are declaring all out war on the biggest enemies of youthful skin – dullness, dryness and loss of elasticity.'

My skin suffers from all the above - so I decided to try out Lulu’s Youth Explosion Day Serum and Lulu’s Derm Warfare Night Serum.  This extra fire-power contains ingredients clinically proven to slow down the ageing process, improve tone and elasticity and plump up skin with its very own internal scaffolding system! Confused? Don't be! Buy it, Use it! Result?  A more taut, healthy looking skin, better skin tone and an all over youthful glow . . . Oh and it looks pretty in your toiletry cupboard - I love the simplicity of the bottles.

Available from QVC,, Amazon ,Victoria Health and selected dept stores inc Fenwick.

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